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01-17-2013, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
The only way to fake a timer is on a ground map.

1) Have a room walled-off so the player can't get in there.

2) Have a high-level friendly mob in that room.

3) When you want your "timer" to start have an enemy mob spawn in there (low level so it can't win) and make its destruction a progression objective. You can name the objective whatever you want so this can be disguised.

It is inexact but will cause a delay in mission progression.
Yes, this way timers have been done, also sending mobs on patrol is an option. In space you can lock out ppl form certain areas using invisible objects, or put them on a platform in sky or on the ground for other map types.

But ... due to foundry limits it needs a bunch of time to adjust the timer to be as exact as necessary and in some maps the patrol wont start if it is too far away from the users position what makes the map unreliable.

So why cause hundreds of foundry authors waste their time into painful workarounds when a timer element for storyboard could solve all this problems?

Well, this is one of the questions why I started this request for discussion. Maybe most of the foundry authors out there love the pain and dont know what else to do with their time. If so, it would be stupid to ruin their fun by implementing a simple and effective solution...