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01-17-2013, 12:00 PM
KDF, because I love Orion Slave Girls and I love the Orion Ships. I do wish that the game treated the Orions and other KDF species as more then shades of Klingon, and I wish they had a bridge for the Orion Ships, the interior doesn't fit the FDCs at all. The interior of an Orion FDC should look like a Pleasure Palace, not the cold, hard, and overly red glare of a Klingon Bridge. And there is three Orion FDCs, 5 if you count the Corsair Retrofit and Fleet Corsair. One Orion Bridge could work for them all.

I do agree the by my rl values the Klingon Species is one of discusting hypocrits (not talking players, but in universe fluff).

They murder, steal, Conquer, eat still living creatures, talk about honor, but never exhibit it, instead using the idea to justify thier pride and barbarity.

I prefer to see it as I play the Orion Subfaction, that's allied with the Klingons.

Susher my KDF Character isn't obsessed with honour, although when dealing with Klingons he's not above keeping up appearences, especially with a suppior officer, he doesn't believe in any Klingon Religions.

He's more interested in saving his race from extinction and raising it back to glory, raiding enemy ships to add new slaves to the ship's Brothel, and he worships the Beings (ancient earth Gods like Apollo that Kirk met) because he knows they exist, abit he sees them more in Orion form then human, although he's studied them from the cultures of multiple species. He's from a male minority that has developed more powerful pheromones like many females.

My bridge officers are all Orion Slave girls, except my Giant Gorn enforcer, and an alien Slave Girl.