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I am more comfortable with the Fed side because I found that while the Foundry might be an exception with certain missions, the KDF missions did not allow me to play as the type of warrior I wanted to play my character as.

On the KDF side I play a Nausicaan who, contrary to stereotypes, was intended to be something of a knight or samurai (the idealized version of both, anyway), who cares quite a lot about honor and is disgusted by the political infighting among both the Klingons, and the clans of his own people, not to mention some of the really disgusting things they think it's OK to do or that they choose to ignore. In some ways Krantak resembles the version of General Chang that you see in the Klingon Academy game: philosophical, restrained (i.e. not being the kind of idiot who thinks getting beaten in dom-jot is a reason to kill someone, or firing at everything that moves when it is not the smartest idea to do so), but still formidable in combat. Nor does one get to wear revealing clothing on his ship or while representing his crew: if you're too vain to wear clothing suited for the rigors of combat and shipboard dangers, then you're not smart enough or worthy enough to fight alongside him.

I ran into a problem with that almost right away when I played through the Fed war series and my character was boxed into a position where he HAD to torture a Federation captain. No option for an duel to win the right to the information or at least give the man an honorable death on his feet with a weapon in his hand. And then there are the DOFF assignments. Frankly, KDF or not, he would NOT do a lot of that stuff because it does not conform with the strict rules by which he sees honor. That was when I decided that, for the most part, my KDF toon is pretty much going to have to be for dilithium farming unless there are Foundry missions that allow me to play Krantak as Krantak and not as a stereotypical Klingon or Nausicaan. I cannot get into character and immerse myself in the game as I can with my Feds.

On the Fed side...believe me, I understand what Zahinder is saying about Fed hypocrisy, and I had a lot of fun taking shots at that aspect of the Feds in "Finding Lascaux." That said, I do also like that in STO the Federation has militarized in a way we never saw on the show...and that the Dominion War showed it needed to lest it continue to recklessly throw away the lives of its people in the name of maintaining some image of being peaceful. I am still able to better immerse myself into the characters of my officers. They have some unusual biographies (a Cardassian exchange officer, a Caitian, and a Devidian raised by humans who must present himself as human), which allow them to have "offbeat" perspectives of Starfleet and the Federation, but I feel like I do have room to let them be them (especially in the Foundry) and not get boxed into unconscionable things.

Well...most of the time. "Divide et Impera" really hacked me off, about as bad as the KDF torture mission, but fortunately that was a rare exception on the Fed side, rather than having fully two thirds of the DOFF assignments and who knows how many of the episodes being unconscionable.
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