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Alan Ruck is the name you're looking for. And IMO he did what the story needed, which was to be not fully confident so Kirk could be Kirk. Always liked that actor myself and I figure his character probably did a bet better as captain once he got some experience under his belt. After all, not everyone can hit a lead-off home run the first at-bat of their rookie year, right?
Thanks for the name! Was he a rookie Captain? Didn't realize that and it does surprise me as this was the Enterprise after all.

I don't disagree with your statment and as a character I do agree. However, as an actor I still think he lacked presence much in the same way as Chris Evans did when acting along side Robert Downey Jr. in the Avengers. Both great actors in their own films but put together and unfortunately one lost presence somewhat.

That being said I would have been completely happy to watch Alan Ruck captain the Enterprise B for a seven year journey into the Trek universe via Tele whilst the TNG made movies!
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