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I'm looking to run a Peghqu' build, but I'm more experienced with BoPs and I'm not sure what might work well on it.

On one hand, it has battle cloak, but on the other, it also only has a TR of 14, compared to a BoP's 21-23.

This makes me think it is more ideal for a hit and run beam boat setup using antiprot DBBs in the front, a quantum torp, and BBs in the bank. But the wrinkle is that it can equip cannons, which makes me think that a survival cannon build might be in order.

Truthfully, I don't know. Does anyone have any experience with this ship?

I run mostly PvE and STFs, with only the occassional PvP encounter in warzones. So I'm looking for something balanced.

I can give a breakdown of how I have my capt's skills distributed too if you need it. I'm running an Eng captain currently, which may seem strange but it helps with survival I've found.