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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
Just add more fighter consumable devices. That's easy, and it gives other ships this capability without radically shifting their balance.
That is what I suggested in a thread I posted here many weeks ago (with nary a reply...)

Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
Maybe the Soverign class could accommodate a runabout or two, but it looks to me like it would have a tough time fitting through the door.
Oh Really? You haven't seen the Argo in Nemesis have you?

Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
I am fairly certain that Akiras not only could not store 40+ ships, but that their shuttle bay is not even large enough to accommodate a runabout, if you look at the dimensions of the ship and the size of the shuttle bay. It is about 250 meters long which puts it at about 50 meters in height, which would make the shuttle bay 4-5 meters in height.

The height of a runabout is listed between about 5-6 meters, which means a normal runabout probably could not get through the doors, much less the carrier pets with the extended sensor bars.

So it is not clear that even one of these could fit into the Akira, much less 40+.

And, the canon sources seem to indicate that a Peregrine class ship is not only longer, but significantly higher than a Danube class ship. The fact that the Akira can launch one through its rear shuttle bay defies the laws of physics.
Its hearsay but I think the creator said the shuttle bays take up at least a third of the volume in the saucer. Also here is a picture of his drawing of the aft shuttle bay doors. Aft Saucer Concept A runabout could fit through those side doors but I think it'll be a tight maneuver to do so.

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