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According to the same Haynes workshop manual that lists the ship's ultimate fate, apparently Harriman didn't resume command after that maiden voyage until the late 2290s, with her 'first five year mission' being under the command of a chap named William George.

Harriman's command lasted until 2311 (so we could say about 10 years) before he stepped down after the Tomed incident, handing command to Demora Sulu.

Demora's command lasted until about 2320, with the ship's final command being under Thomas Johnson Jr, who was apparently in command when the ship was lost in '29.

Either way, it's a very long service history... There is genuinely a lot of story potential there.
I have to get the Haynes manual! That sounds interesting and I really wish these concepts were devloped into reality. Particularly as Star Trek has been around for so long now. I once read that Paramount will most likely always make a Star Trek movie simply because no matter what it makes it's money back... so why not take the chance on a new crew and maybe even a new ship (name)?!

Some of the fan made stuff on YouTube even has a lot of potential and in saying that, some of the production really isnt even that bad. Anyways, if only we were hundred-billionaires and could make all the Trek we wanted too!
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