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01-17-2013, 01:29 PM
i like to think that the uss enteprise ncc-1701-bata from star trek generations and uss lakota from ds9 lost paradice as being the same ship. starfleet did not make very many exclior enterprie subclass command ships. the entprise crew could got badly sick or gone missing but before all cew vanished there was a message sent to starfleet and some one programed the enterprise b to return to starfleet at low impulse til the feul ran out and driffted in 2329. for 10 year befor the enterprise c found the enterprise b driffting towards starfleet base. the enterprise c crew investagated the enterprise b and towd to the nearest starbase. starfleet ordered the enterprise b to go to dry dock for major repairs and refit for active duty and the recressend uss lakota cause starfleet did not want 2 enterprises to be inservice at the same time.
what happened to the lakota after lost paradice