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Originally Posted by hobstbank View Post
Is it really an exploit to design a mission for max output at minimal time and attention costs? Or is it strict within the rules?

And - lots of such missions already are there, but where is the timer?

So "can be abused" is a quite pointless argument. Also no reason to cut and run, isnt it?
If it is something where the player can afk through the whole thing and still get the reward, then yes, personally, I would call that an exploit whether it officially breaks any rules or not. And if we had a timer mechanic someone could build a mission where that would be possible. But obviously Cryptic makes rulings on that, not players, not me.

These boff grinders and ones where you or npc ships shoot at mobs set to timid creature so they don't fire back and with the nebula effect so they don't have shields. Those are definite gray area. Probably not exploits in the strictest sense, whatever my personal feelings toward them.

"Can be abused" is not a pointless argument. MMO devs have to seriously look at things from that perspective.

But hey, request whatever you want. Obviuously I can't speak for Cryptic. The only thing I'm telling you is I don't think they will implement one for this reason.
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