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# 1 is Fed v Klink pvp dead?
01-17-2013, 01:45 PM
In the last few days i have returned to fed v klink PvP i thought things would have got better i instructed my team to stay together and by and large they did, did we win? Hmm no was it close Hmmm no. whilst we were focusing on a klink ship a BOP (the one that fires cloaked) was hitting me like crap with mines and torps all hull damaging of course, not to mention the old tractor repel BS, so being a sci i sensor scanned and tractored him which had no effect and i lost him and he continued to hit me with torps completely immune from all defensive and offensive measures, meanwhile my power is getting drained and he continues to pound me with transphasics and plasma. So i tried repel tractor beam 3 and still i cant kill him by now he has killed me 3 times whilst i have either tried to get him or one of his colleagues.

Now this prototype appeared in Star Trek VI so cryptic decided to put it in the game, ok thats fine, so cryptic if your going to introduce BS like that, which makes some one hard to kill or to detect giving them the tactical advantage, then surely its time the feds got some of the stuff from the show. For instance the transphasic torp, no not the one available to all! the one in End game from Voyager! you know the ones that blew a Borg Cube! wasn't that a fed weapon? or maybe just for good measure the secrete Cloaking device that appeared in TNG the one the feds promised not to build as a treaty stipulation with the Roms, You know guys the Transphasic Cloak, it allows ships to pass through solid objects and more importantly weapons pass straight through the ship and it fires cloaked!, since all treaties are off the feds would have developed it further and deployed by now, is nt it time the feds got these since they were in the show. I still dont recsall seeing klink carriers and Acetone as-simulators, and certainly the defaint would have a battle cloak wouldnt it? no wait a minute it did! how many times in DS9 was it being fired as it cloaked? answer many.

So back to Fed v fed pity i enjoy PvP but i am not playng handicap PvP which is presently what fed v klink is and before all you guys get on and come out with the same old BS this the reason i retired my klink char which was my first right at the start of the game, just isnt a challenge it was easy then and even eassier now! Feds my advice just do fed v fed at least its even