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01-17-2013, 02:04 PM
Tractoring prevents cloak, you should have stuck w/that and VM (to disable his aux) and time SNB appropriately. Even if he has APO up, the TB will put his cloak on a 20 second cooldown. The VM will mess w/his aux and engines. EWP is good as well.

If the target is using KHG, stick to debuffing the target and have your escorts kill the target. Brels are relatively weak.

BFI, PH, Aux2Sif, HE, Aux2damp are all options to boost hull resists and or repair. Aux2damp counters stuns too if the Brel was using Trics.

The attacker Rom Rep placate proc is annoying, but is dependent on weapon power, another reason to have VM.

TBR has a max target limit and likely wouldn't clear all the mines, using your own mines may have been a better alternative.

Scramble Sensors (on the mines) may be an option as well, Idk its status regarding if its bugged or not.