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In the last few days i have returned to fed v klink PvP i thought things would have got better i instructed my team to stay together and by and large they did, did we win? Hmm no was it close Hmmm no. whilst we were focusing on a klink ship a BOP (the one that fires cloaked) was hitting me like crap with mines and torps all hull damaging of course, not to mention the old tractor repel BS, so being a sci i sensor scanned and tractored him which had no effect and i lost him and he continued to hit me with torps completely immune from all defensive and offensive measures, meanwhile my power is getting drained and he continues to pound me with transphasics and plasma. So i tried repel tractor beam 3 and still i cant kill him by now he has killed me 3 times whilst i have either tried to get him or one of his colleagues.
Are you sure you were within range for tractor?

If he moved outside of your range shortly after you initiated the tractor beam, he may have moved out of your range.

My B'rel has been caught by the tractor beam many times, because I was flying too close. Now, I try to stay 5+km away from my target to avoid Sensor Scan and other decloaking abilities. I also use Jam Sensor when I've been revealed and I run away as quickly as possible.

Since B'rels typically do not have to worry about weapon power or shields, all of my power is diverted to engines and auxiliary. If you want a better chance at catching the B'rel, target their auxiliary if you can. If you can't, be sure that you are as close as possible before you try to tractor them.