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I have a Sci Captain that I'm preparing to put into a Wells Ship. I want to use it for PvE Funsie Play and STFs (I don't PvP). I want to use Gravity Well and Tachyon's Rift (Or possibly two GWs), and Tractor Beam and Tractor Beam Repulsors.

So my question:

Which skill should I be stacking with my Science Consoles: Graviton Generators or Particle Generators? (Or something else entirely?) It's my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that Graviton affects the "pull/push" of the power, and Particle affects how much DoT they cause. Is this right?

I'm kind of leaning towards Graviton, so that whatever I hook, stays stuck and therefore takes the most damage from the power's center of effect, and/or from weapon fire (myself and team, due to them not moving/having lower Defense).

Of course my Captain will be fully skilled in both, I'm just looking for what to stack in my Sci consoles. Or do I put half and half? Maybe there's enough "suction" provided by my Captain's skill in Graviton Generators alone to hold STF critters in place, and I want to boost the damage directly?

Please advise. (And thanks in advance.)

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