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01-17-2013, 02:53 PM
MACO Mk XII has 36% higher effective strength than Assimilated Mk XII, but Assimilated Mk XII has 40% higher regeneration than MACO Mk XII. Meanwhile Omega has 17% higher cap than Assimilated and Assimilated has 14% higher regen than Omega, and Adapted MACO (aka KHG) has 54% higher cap and 47% lower regen than Assimilated. Shield power boosts regen and not cap, so it has a greater affect on higher regen shields. (It also provides an additional resistance on all shields.) However, in my experience usually the innate regen is insignificant relative to my shield heals. The big advantage to the MACO is the extra 10% innate resistance, which boosts the effective benefit of all your heals (they heal the same amount but that amount is harder to take off). Ultimately it's an incredibly complicated subject, but MACO is always a very solid choice.