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01-17-2013, 04:02 PM
i have always wonder ever seeing the uss lakota in ds9 lost pardise if the lakota was the same ship and the uss enterprice b and i kinda pictured that the emterprise c found the enterprise some time after it was lost it crew or was abandoned. also both the lakota and enterprised be enterprise be that not ready for command of a ship john hirriman in startrek generations or broke the federation rule of law benteen in lost paradice.

granted that starfleet wanted to respec the families of the lost crew of the enterprise c show waited 20 years for to launch a new enterprise d. what if starfleet had a ship to take up that role of fleet flagship the uss lakota which was named enterprise b in 2293 which honored the role a flag ship enperprise/lakota for about 20 yearsbetween 2344 to 2362/early 2363 til a few days bebore the enterprise d was launched