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Hi ive been playing star trek online for about a month now and its time I joined a fleet.
Im currently a Lv50 engineer VA with the RA sovereign cruiser.

while ive maxed out my level, im still learning the game. I plan to get the fleet escort patrol ship, and mine enough dil to convert zen into the vesta ( whole reason i started lplaying)

I am a gold member with 1 fed toon slot i plan to make into sci.
i go on vacation in 2 weeks so ill be on alot

I play on the west coast (pst)

I have no exp with the romulan or omega but i want a fleet who does them on elite. i have headset and ts3

I want to contribute to building starbase/embassy holdings just tell me which cargohold to fill.

Post reply here. do not send ingame pms. autoinvites blocked:p

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