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01-17-2013, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by typhoncal View Post
What we need is more variety, to few missions to go and do and to be frank iam tired of the grind of the same maps, different species.

I don't know why Cryptic doesn't utilize that of the foundry community which could shorten that gap. You put up certain criteria, it isn't rocket science and Cryptic makes everything they do 100 times worse for themselves.
Agreed. They could do some Foundry contests where the best ones get Omega Marks or Romulan Marks as a reward. The winners could get something like Zen, master keys, or Fleet Ship Modules. This could be done for most mission content. The Foundry Authors can get their mission to be an actual mission in the game and Cryptic gets much needed "official" content. Of course, Cryptic has to create new content, but they could just do big and elaborate missions with major consequences to the galaxy while Foundry Authors can do minor fill in content.