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01-17-2013, 05:18 PM
Boffs use Expertise points for promotion and advancing abilities, which you can continue to collect after you hit max level. My main character has several million expertise points sitting around, even with the reputation costs. I've promoted several bridge officers, that I got well after max level, all the way to commander, and completely changed their abilities, all in one go. The late-game system definitely does not need to be changed.

As to early-game, I've never had a problem promoting my officers unless I was swapping out old officers for new ones every time I got a new one. If people are too impatient to put their latest bridge officer into service at the expense of promotions and ability training, that's their problem. However, if people are regularly changing abilities because they are experimenting with the system to see what abilities they like best, or to better match up with their newest ship, this could also easily lead to a shortage of skill points to spend, and then promotions become a problem. I'd not be opposed to promotions not costing skill points, and agree that it would be nice to give them something more than just "I click a button, you are promoted."