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01-17-2013, 04:19 PM
I was going to say shades of Andromeda, but I've already been beaten to it

Here're my main issues with what was presented...
Alexander Kirk - Relying on sentiment for James T to get people behind the character... Being raised in that era, he would have no reason to want to restore the Federation to its former glory, as to his perspective, that would be the status quo, and finally, the idea of anyone being promoted more than one rank to captain really pisses me off. It's unrealistic, and IMHO, just puts an unqualified officer in an important position. None of the captains I've written have had this 'career jump' to wind up in the Big Chair, they have all worked their way through the ranks, in one instance, being given a 'supervisory command' of a ships shakedown cruise while a commander, and then being promoted to captain with permanent command after said shakedown cruise. But jumping through the ranks just because of circumstance, that's just asking for mutiny when a passed-over underling feels they could be doing a better job... I like the idea of seeing the Federation in a darker period, but I can't see the point in actually doing so, and think it would likely just have come across as a pastiche of Andromeda, with some Trek elements thrown in to gain an audience, so would likely be resented rather than embraced by fandom...