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01-17-2013, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
Agreed. They could do some Foundry contests where the best ones get Omega Marks or Romulan Marks as a reward. The winners could get something like Zen, master keys, or Fleet Ship Modules. This could be done for most mission content. The Foundry Authors can get their mission to be an actual mission in the game and Cryptic gets much needed "official" content. Of course, Cryptic has to create new content, but they could just do big and elaborate missions with major consequences to the galaxy while Foundry Authors can do minor fill in content.
Oh, i completely agree. It makes ZERO sense on why they don't do this and we have NEVER had an explanation on this. The Foundry people could really tighten up and bring in a lot of content instead of what they are creating. You give them a purpose, a planet, whatever it is and criteria and you are golden. We both know, including so many you could set what they need to accomplish, by what they need in the content. So many worlds would be filled with content in a matter of months if not weeks.

Originally Posted by lordhook View Post
Yes, it was said before:

How many post threads will we need until the devs change the reputation system?

Tag eppoh is annoying, the reputation system is boring and there is no end game content.

The devs do not know to create end game content, then they create silly mini games and then attached new items and rewards. This will be the formula for the new season!
Again, another great opinion.