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01-17-2013, 04:56 PM
When it comes to hexagons on the uniform, on ships, or anywhere else in the game, I personally blame Champions Online.

Going back in time, when STO first launched -- the cover shield uses the exact same graphics as one of the forcefield blocking powers in Champions Online. Orange honeycomb hexagons. I kept expecting the cover shield graphic in STO to be changed -- basically I thought it was a placeholder that was using the Champions Online graphic.

But apparently it wasn't a placeholder. People in Star Trek use the exact same technology as they do in Champions Online (apparently).

And the orange honeycomb hexagons wasn't just for the cover shield, it was also for the forcefield bubble in the engie kits.

And it kind of just spread from there, like a disease. After a period of time, you saw the hexagons elsewhere. You saw it on uniforms. You saw it on the hull plating of ships with the MACO shield equipped. You saw it in the deflector effects. You saw hexagons in the asynchronous warp field of the MACO engines in sector space.

Hexagons everywhere. They've spread from what was originally a Champions Online visual effect that was ported over to Star Trek Online... to being a part of multiple technologies and clothing in this game.  39147