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01-17-2013, 04:58 PM
Well, if you want the numbers, there's this:

The percentage per skill level should give you everything there is to find out numerically.

If you want to know what it's going to feel like in game, or how the numbers actually translate into performance, that's trickier, and it's been changing. Remember, the -repel effect got changed to a pulse every few seconds a few months back, which means they aren't necessarily held in no matter what you do. That said, at 125 Aux with max Grav Gen skill, no consoles except the Borg one, and the MACO Mk XII deflector I certainly see spheres pulled in pretty well when the pulse comes, and feel like I always used to see the same when I was running at 90 (before I had the Vesta). So I run Particle Generators consoles, but it's very very soft data.

EDIT: Of course, the nice thing about sci is since no one wants to do it the consoles come cheap, so you could get a set of XI blues of each type for testing for about 10k per console

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