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# 149 Time to Kill
01-17-2013, 05:09 PM
I propose a new way of measuring effectiveness:

"Time to Kill."

This wouldn't be the ONLY way of measuring effectiveness. It could be a place to start.

Basically your boat is more effective if you can kill things in a hurry. If it takes you 60 seconds to down a target, meh. If it takes you 15 seconds to down the same target, okay, you're making an impact!

Bottom line: how long it takes you to kill something is a potentially more useful stat than your overall DPS.

While DPS certainly plays a role in your "TTK", as some other posters have noted, you could rack up huge DPS numbers without necessarily being that effective in the game. It's really about killing things quickly, so you can move on to the next target, or to help your team mates. This TTK stat could even be part of your reputation in STFs. It could be taken cumulatively over a period of several STFs and then attached to your info. It might make for more thoughtful pairings if you're in an STF team and you see everyone has a higher TTK rating than you. I know, there are lots of variables to consider...I'm just positing an idea. Thanks for the great info. Peace.