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01-17-2013, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
I've seen Vo'quvs and Kar'fis doing as much damage as a decent escort would, only with their pets. If you were to use 4 hangars, the possibilities would be endless --> the ship would be devastating (if the enemy is in range).
2 problems with your logic:

1: carrier = escort. They're not. An escort will significantly outdamage a carrier like the one I outlined above. I know this because my bird of prey / adv. escort put voquv pet alpha strikes to shame. (b'rolth high yield attacks).

2: As you said, 'if the enemy is in range'. Very low speed+very low turn rate say 'hello!'. This is the 'cap ship' aspect of a fleet carrier such as this. The carrier itself must be within 15km of the enemy to properly command its pets and within 10km to properly support them.

On the other hand, it would be a terribly boring design whenever you are required to move across the map.

Plus you'd be adding another layer of spam to space maps.

I don't see much positive about such a ship.

Looks to me you might want to command a station rather than a starship.
Boring not really...its just a much more tactical gameplay.

The positive of it is precisely that it can be a very potent support craft or a very powerful launch platform for pets. The player would be using the pets and support BOFF abilities to play not merely launching pets and going in with high level tac boff skills and heavy weaponry blasting stuff up (like the current kdf carriers do).