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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This is honestly the most likely outcome.

Quite honestly, we've been keeping it up our sleeves in case we implement an appropriate Reputation. Not sure if that'll be a "Crafting" Rep, or a Crafting Revamp, or something totally different. Those plans aren't yet set in stone.
Well, until we get the crafting revamp/rep, can we get a quality-of-life improvement for crafters and remove/tone down the OUT-BLOODY-RAGEOUS Di tax on anything WORTH crafting (except Kits - Crafted Kits don't cost Di, which is the reason I still craft Kits at all)? It take's a week's worth of Di nearly to craft the Aegis set, and it takes DAYS to craft what is now mediocre equipment. Crafting all-but died because of the Di Tax.
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