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One thing I find kind of frustrating about the lockbox ships is that while they have great skins, as a general rule their designs are good but uninspired. They're fairly standard, with one or two interesting stand-out features (like the D'Kora's changing shape or the Galor's Spiral Wave Disruptors). They're basically regular ships but better.

Now I'm all for regular ships but better, but I think the designers are doing a great disservice here because the lockboxes could be a way to explore new, unusual designs in a way that STO hasn't dealt with before, or ships that are built heavily for a particular role. Their uniqueness would both encourage people to buy them (or more than one, because they'd all be cool! and different!) and would allow the design team to explore funky designs.

For example (and these are just rough ideas, not necessarily scale balanced):

Batelle-class Heavy Torpedo Penetrator
4x fore weapons
0x aft weapons
+20 power to engines
May only load torpedo launchers
Console: Enhanced Torpedo Loading Systems- For the next 15 seconds, all torpedo launchers have their cooldown reduced to one second and ignore global cooldowns.

(named after the admiral who oversaw the Defiant pathfinder project. Visual would be based on a modified Nova-class).

Virayllan-class Miradorn Raider
3x fore weapons
1x aft weapons

Special Power: Sensor Sheath- Renders vessel undetectable (and untargetable) beyond 8km unless it is firing its weapons

(Named after Baran's mercenary raider class from TNG: Gambit)

Galaxy II-class heavy fleet carrier
1x fore weapon
1x aft weapon
May only mount beams
4x hangars

(because everyone wants a new galaxy!)

Reyga-class fast reconnaissance picket
15,000 hull
4x fore weapons
2x aft weapons
+10 power to shields and engines
Shield modifier, 1.6
Special shield: Highly Resilient Metaphasic Shield; takes no bleed-through damage and prevents status effects from affecting the vessel while shields are intact (plasma fire, etc). Reduces all energy damage to shields by 20%.

(named after Doctor Reyga, who invented the metaphasic shield....)

Add your own favorites. I know I'm kind of tired of everything being basically the same.