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01-17-2013, 06:33 PM
Well.... this is interesting. Can you not find better things to release right now? Even if you want to release something, could you maybe release something that was more useful and not another 200k Dilithium project.

You could have done one of the following -

1 - Hey guys we've taken away the dilithium sink in special projects, they are now half price like we originally promised on re-runs or they now cost commodities & starbase provisions. (I'd rather sink Fleet Credits into a special - cost should be based on functionality IMO)

2 - You can increase your refinement cap by 4000 by purchasing an increase off the Zen Store and up to a max of 3 times, with a bonus 4000 to gold players free of charge.

You've got to actually pay attention to what you tell us your going to do and listen to what your players want. Sure it's a free service, sure the projects are optional, but doesn't mean you have to keep throwing optional stuff at us. It's not like you've done a bad job over the years from when STO started, it's really come a long way and I do actually love the ideas and aspects of STO.

But your implementation of everything and prioritizing seems, upside down. A sims style starbase would be nice, when it comes to customisation, so everyones starbase can be unique; being able to choose where you put your bar, consoles etc. Customise the outside, maybe have your Fleet Headquaters on a Moon in a system or just a starbase, have other planets in your system. It'd be nice to have a project to put your fleet logo banners up in the base and the meeting room seems very open with glass walls and the main center area of the starbase feels empty. You could make use of the Holodeck, allow us to choose programs to run in there, like the pub they had in Voyager.

Somewhere between what the players want, your takes on it and then when it reaches the guys who decide what you need to work on, it gets all muddled up. I love this game and I'm glad to be a part of the STO community, made some great friends and enjoy running a fleet. There's still many lag issues many people are experiencing, even in certain old mission re-runs, i do hope you address the issues soon and the Starbases get a good revamp, there is so much potential with what you could do!

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