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Originally Posted by orangeitis View Post
Really? So many people dislike the ENTERPRISE theme song, of any of them?

I've been into Star Trek since the early '90s, and it instantly became my favorite opening. I can't see a better-fitting song other than that "Space, the final frontier" one voiced over by Scott Bakula. Actually, they're equally good, IMO.

Then again, I'm the insane type that enjoys both J-pop and country music somehow. But meh.

Star Trek: Enterprise was a great addition to Star Trek.
To this person I say yes! Otaku and lover of Country! ^_^

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This might be exaggerating a bit. It may be true before the start of conscription during the war, but there are enough counter examples in our timeline to refute that as the absolute rule. It's been a long time since I've seen this episode, but I recall the actors dropping hints that their inclusion in the SS wasn't exactly comfortable to everyone, but they were winning the war with their help so no one complained.

Plus, it's very plausible if someone alien came to with technology to conquer the world, you would be willing to bend the rules a little.
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Sorry, time travelling space Nazis will never work for me, no matter how you can rationalize it. Some things just push the suspension of disbelief barrier too far, and this is a good example.

And the Ent theme music really, really sucked.
And you obviously never watched an episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Vandread or even watched/read any of Asobi ni Iku yo! (Which gets love for countless shout outs...including to Star Trek).

Shameless Question: Which reminds me...I am close to getting my next ship and going to go with an LRSV...anyone want to design a patch with This gal in the middle and the designation and name of the ship (U.S.S. Eris).