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# 1 Sci build (torpedo) pve
01-17-2013, 08:47 PM

After trying out this game for a few weeks when they released it, I decided that it was not worth the monthly payment.

Now its F2P I decided to try it again and I enjoy the new content etc alot.
I took 2 characters to 50 to try out different play styles (tact capt that tried escorts and cruisers and a sci with sci ships).
I like the sci the most so i decided to go with that one and had to find a build.

After digging through different forum posts about sci ships I found 2 posts that where very interesting.

I tried to mix some off the builds and came up with this.
(This is how the build+consoles should be in the end, atm i'm still upgrading everything)
Edit: after feedback:

Weapons: Front 3x photon torpedo (want to try out quantum and thransphasic)
Rear 2x disruptor turrets for debuff and 1 disruptor beam for subsystem.

For the next items I dont have enough experience what to use, so I took it from the forums.
Shield : Maco
Engine : Borg
Deflector: Borg

Engi :RCS + Diburnium Armor.
Sci :Field gen, 3x graviton gen
Tac :3x photon detonation assembly

Here is my current Boff layout:
Cmdr : PH1 (thinking about swapping it for TB1), TSS2, TBR2, GW3
Lt. Cmdr: HE1, ST2, VM1 or for solo HE1, ST2, FP2
Lt. Eng : EPTS1, EPTS2
Lt. Tac : TS1, TS2
Ens Tac : TT1

Doffs: 3x projectile, 1 gravimetric, 1system engi

Powersetting: 25/55/25/95 Offensive
25/75/25/75 Defensive

I start with GW at 10k range, then spam the torpedo's with 25% impulse.
The ones that get close, after the GW ends, get pushed away by my TBR and after that most ships are dead. Ofcourse I use some of the other skills in the meantime.

I use torpedo's because i just love them, so I won't change that.
Shield draining ability's took out to much ability's I liked, I prefer to be able to control stuff and put out some heals.

The thing I am looking for are tweaks for my build to make things better/easier.
Maybe some ability's need to swap or have alot better counterparts that I should use.
Maybe some consoles or doffs are far better then the ones I have listed now.
The skillpoinst distribution are (as still a newbie to sto) distributed the way I think are best, but maybe I should change some?

I am kinda busy IRL atm, but will try to look at this thread as much as I can to check the feedback and I'll try to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your feedback.

Greetings Miscent

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