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01-17-2013, 07:50 PM
The problem I see with your idea, is you are basically talking about Starfleet ships (one you even say is based on the Nova design). So you would have an insanely crazy outcry of people as to why these ships couldn't be in the C-store, and Cryptic would have no retort.

My understanding is that the Lock boxes are reserved for IP inappropriate designs. Hence nonaligned species (Galor, D'kora, Tholian) or in the case of the Temporal lock boxes, Ships that are actually 500 years in the future.

what you are suggesting is perfect for a C-store type ship. Though I am not sure that it is a smart idea to create too specfic a ship.

one of the great things about STO, and really any MMO is that they cater to all different playing styles. While Escorts benefit most from Tactical Captains. They don't have to be. In fact I recently flew a BoP with a Engineering Captain and found that it made it significantly (from my point of view) less squishy. Getting something too specific, might limit who can effectively play it, and thus have the opposite effect you want.