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01-17-2013, 11:14 PM
It does sound painful to be running a torp boat with minimal energy weapons and no shield drains, but there's not really a good way around that since they gave NPCs so much Power Insulators and nerfed CPB, so I'm not going to argue with that. Do think hard about going to something with a Tetryon proc, or else the Polarized Disruptors, to help you get through shields faster. Also note that this is the lone exception to that rule about always running the same damage type, since you have no energy weapon consoles it's ok if your weapons are somewhat mixed, although maxing out on one particular proc is still advisable. Also, you shouldn't need 3 photon torps to max out the fire rate with 3 purple doffs, 2 quantums should actually be sufficient, and you can fill in the extra slot with a Dual Beam Bank or single Cannon.

However, you should not be running Diburnium armor unless you're a PvPer switching it out depending on what your opponents are using. Diburnium only resists phaser and disruptor, which are not overwhelmingly common and definitely are not your primary concern. Use Neutronium instead, that resists everything, including torpedoes which do the worst damage. Or, since you're a sci ship, skip armor entirely, I've never found it helps me all that much because the hull strength is so low, and use those slots for universal consoles. 3 of those that are readily obtainable and very powerful are the Isometric Charge, Zero Point Energy Conduit, and Assimilated Module. The RCS is also probably unnecessary, the Recon maneuvers pretty well. Finally, you probably don't need quite that much Grav Gen boost, and might want to take some Particle Gen instead for more damage.

Finally, if you're willing to do a respec you can get a significant improvement in performance. You have a lot of points in the power skills, and the thing with those is that the last 3 points in them provide next to no boost. With the way you're set up now you get 39/73/53/125 (actually 128) without EPtS in your Offensive setting, if you dropped every one of those skills down to 6 points you'd be getting 37/70/50/125 (actually 127), which is a pretty small difference (doesn't even cost you enough in shields to lose a percentage point in innate resistance), but would give you enough points to max out Targeting Systems and Particle Generators with 12,500 left over. The last 3 points in EPS are also probably unnecessary, they only provide 1 power with EPtS1 and 2 with EPtS2. ( will let you calculate all that stuff about power levels, and is great for all the other skills).