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01-17-2013, 10:29 PM
Your welcome

Honestly though I haven't bothered changing anything, its not like I have a hard time blowing most non borg things up with what I have now. I can even solo a normal cube during alerts some times.

Actually now that I think about it I actually changed my Plasma DBB for another single cannon. I also traded one of my Plasma Mines, my weaker one to test Transphasic Mines. I kind of like the Transphasics Mines, because it doesn't matter as much if they hit shields.

I've also read about cloaked tractor beam mines on STO wiki and the Romulans in the Yan Nebula have begun using them on me and they look like fun, even if my dsp will suffer for it.

Heck I'm even toying with the idea of Quantum Mines or Tric Mines when I reach Lt. General.

Here is the build I'm thinking of for My Fleet Retrofit Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser (or FRCFDC for short although even the aconym is almost a sentence ), when I finally get it.

Commander Godangle Enigeer Officer Orion Female: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Boarding Party I, Directed Energy Modulation II, Acton Beam III. First Officer.

Lt. Commander Shoru Science Officer Orion Female: Hazard Emitters, Feedback Pulse, Siphon Energy. Chief Science Officer.

(ensign console) Lt. Commander Lynith Enigeering Officer Orion Female: Emergency Power to Weapons. Some other powers for when I take other ships out. Chief of Operations, including my flight deck and fighters.

Lt. Nyloil Science Officer Orion Female: Transfer Shield Stregth, Tractor Beam II. Chief Medical Officer.

Lt. Jazhiro Tactical Officer Alien (Pleasure Bioniod) Female: Tactical Team, Alpha Mine Dispersal Pattern. Tactical Chief.

Ground Only Boffs

Lt. Talesh Tactical Officer Gorn Male: Tactical Team, Cannon Rapid Fire. Chief of Security/Enforcer.

And Lastly when I get to Maurader level 4, a Female Trill Chief Enigeer and if I ever manage to get the Reman Bridge Officer he'll be my Ships Councillor and unofficial Head Intelligence Officer.

Fore Weapons: 4 Polaran Single Cannons.

Rear Weapons: 2 Polaran Turrets, Tric Mine Launcher, Cloaked Tractor Beam Mines (may switch out for third Polaron Turret).

Enigines: Jem'hadar Set

Deflector: Jem'hadar Set

Shields: Jem'hadar Set

This gives me bonus Polaron Damage and to inerial Dampaners and Antiproton Sweep.

Hangar: Advanced Slavers and in time upgraded to Elite Slavers.

Science Consoles: 4x Shield Emitters

Enigeering Consoles: 1 RCS Accesslorstor, 3x Neutrium.

Tactical Consoles: 2x Polaron Modulalors.


Operations: Flight Deck Officers x3 (to reduce cool downs on both launching fighters and launching boarding parties).

Tactical: Projectile Weapons Officers x2 (Reduce Mines Cool Down).

Devices: Consumable Scorpians, Antiproton Heavy Turret Satellites, Plasma turret Satellites, Emergency Batteries for PVE/Holoemitters of a Jem'hadar Bug Ship for PVP (yes I'm that mischievous :p ).

Of course actually getting the Fleet Corsair is first . I'm only like five or six grades away from Lt. General, roughly 100,000 Fleet Credits away from its sister ship the Retrofit Corsair.