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01-17-2013, 10:46 PM
No match was suppose to be advanced vs advanced then changed to defiant but they brought a fleet one not a normal one so whatever 9k shields and 25k hull vs 12k shields 40k+ hull and 3x turn-rate with transphasic cluster kinda imposable. t4 ship vs t6 was fun in a way I just wanted to see if I could do it. I still think I can just have to get the rite bo setup...

And those mines are op regardless of what you want to believe. I didn't say nothing about p2w so stop the lies I said lulz my explosive decompression loves trics or something like that then the ****alk and lies flowed from said person. Anyway ill try it again soon my t4 vs their t6 ship. If they want to fight t6 vs my t6 1vs1 anything goes their side my ship clean - the ship (because all t6 ships are p2w) ill do it and I will win!

And no gg for ****alkers and liers that is why I don't say it to said person

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