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Originally Posted by ruinsfate View Post
Having actually seen one used (Yes, I have), it summons two big gorilla bouncer Remans (haven't seen the rom one), who constantly spout lines like "You have done great things for our people."

I assume the duration was given to prevent people absolutely filling social areas with the damn things.

-edit- If they were to make these permanent, they would need a long cooldown and a duration, similar to the Shard of Possibilities. I would hate to see ESD/DS9 filled with Reman/Romulan bouncers following every single player around.
Be kinda cool to get 10 or 15 players together with these in somebody's TOS Bridge and Hall ways...

Be kinda like reenacting the TOS episode "The Mark of Gideon"

Make a cool Foundry Mission too.
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