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01-17-2013, 11:28 PM
i have a real gameplay question here:

my fleet has kinda two fleets(klingon and federation) some of us prefer their klingon char but still want to play along with us other guys in the federation. would u mind giving us a option to team up with klingons? i know we can create own stf session......but we need everytime 5 guys for that. cant we team up with them like normal? but klingons and fed cant join the same mission or something?

also i would like to see a REAL intrepid brigde.....the one voyager had

at the end a really for me important suggestion/question:
the bridges we can add or choose for our ships are nice......but i enter on my intrepid a bridge which i got by zen.....and when i look around i see a olympic class pic.....pls add that if u got a ship....the shematic view of the ship u have will be added...not the one of which the bridge shall be! that would be really awesome! i mean i got a intrepid and no olympic....shouldnt be that heavy to lay one pic over on every ship some plan where some lines goes to the middle and lay the shematic view of the ship u have over that one. so if i invite another guy to my bridge....he shall know what ship this is.
and it would change a lot on the brigdes! pls consider it!