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Originally Posted by glassguitar View Post
Easy solution to this I have offered before and will now offer again:

Leaver penalty for the first person to leave should be WAY more severe. Personally I would support a 24 hour ban on ALL missions in the que. Maybe that is extreme, but IMHO leavers deserve to suffer mightily for wasting evferyone elses time. (once the FIRST person leaves, EVERYONE else should be allowed to leave without any penalty)

Combine this with a mechanic that NEVER places you in a mission that is already started. (I personally am getting fed up with the mechanic that adds players to a Starbase 24 that is halfway finished, thereby insuring they have almost no chance to win the best prize.)

Finally, add the "Read Mission Briefing" countdown timer to the beginning of ALL missions, primarily because this gives the team a moment to discuss and plan. A lot of failed STFs (and the rage-quit that comes with them) could be avoided if players talked amongst themselves before charging in. (having the timer would make it impossible for the Kirks to change in and start timers before the rest of the team is loaded in and ready to go.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Let's face facts here, playing STFs on the Normal setting does NOT teach players anything that carries over to the Elite STFs. It would be far superior to update all the mission briefings with a few simple tips (10% rule for instance) and a timer the way the Romulan Mark missions are done.

ok.. wisest post i've seen so far on this topic....well thought out and exactly what is needed!!!!!!!!!
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