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Or could some other method of providing feedback to the STO Foundry devs be provided? We're missing a lot of vital assets, and there are a lot of short comings of the Foundry, that it would be nice if we could see addressed. For one thing, I still think the detail limit is set too low.

It would really be nice if we could provide feedback and know that someone is actually reading it. Statements in the past have indicated that, despite the name, few devs seem to actually read the "Foundry Discussion & Feedback" forum.

I think that the devs also could benefit from knowing what we as Foundry authors consider to be lacking or in need of improvement. While we obviously aren't involved in the coding of the Foundry and don't know the details involved in that, we do know the Foundry and what improvements it needs. Just speaking for myself, my Foundry character has a /played of more than 84 days (I don't know, maybe I should be embarrassed about that. )

If we could provide some feedback and guidance on what features from the Neverwinter Foundry would be most beneficial to the STO Foundry, and what major problems there currently are in terms of bugs, missing objects, etc, I think it could really improve the development of the Foundry in this game.

To be honest, I'm actually kind of surprised that no one is asking us any questions at all, when we're the ones who have the experience using the tool. It's always that we get a dev on a Q&A and finally get to ask questions about what features we can expect, and/or how difficult it would be to add a specific feature, but no one ever seems to be asking what we want, or consider important, even though we are the ones who know best what the Foundry is lacking.

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