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01-17-2013, 11:48 PM
Just so everyone knows i dont care what anyone runs or doesnt run. I was complaining months ago about tach mines being a bit op.Then i thought in a game that has endless shield resists wich is what is truley broken in this game. I began to see tach mines as kind of refreshing in a game were shield resist and shield heals dominate and most other forms of shield busting are extinct .My original intent was to point out that i think everyone uses some form of p2w and opinions differ on what that is.From my experience the community can jump to conclusions on what is broken or op before everyone knows the facts. Every ship or console that comes out everyone says op broken and then after a few weeks ppl find counters and strategy and it just becomes more annoying then actually broken. Isnt that part of the fun and the challenge dont we want new stuff?i like most of you played this game for 2yrs before f2p give or take. Where we had 3 line patch notes with this belt buckle on this npc was changed. So i love The fact that cryptic is adding new things to the game and find it part of the fun to counter it or use it. Im not saying there arent things that are broken or need balance just saying very few things are game breaking,very few things have no counter. So are they annoying or broken.I like the fact that some fleets take it as a challenge to use builds that in there opinion are clean, and beat the teams that use whatever they want. So be like them win or lose say gg and move on. From what i understand everyone in this game is so good they win without cheese and can beat anyone that uses cheese so whats the big deal.