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01-18-2013, 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by bohiap View Post
Use the omega torpedo and the romulan torpedo. I don't have the romulan torpedo yet (3 more days) but I've heard the two together do very well.
The breen cluster build is designed to get the CD on the cluster torpedo down as much as possible. Your other torpedos arn't really there for the damage, just to fire as fast as you can, so you have greater chances procing your projectile boffs, and lowering the CD on the breen cluster torpedo. Great thing about the torpedo boat, is you get that cluster hitting every 15-20 seconds, plus you can jack your AUX up all the way, making your sci abilities hit like a truck. All the will you are crapping torpedos every second or so, with that breen cluster hitting for minimum 20k every 15-25 seconds or so. Especially on a intrepid retro, its a great build. Being able to run that ship with full aux, its an absolute monster to pop.....