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01-18-2013, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I want a true carrier.
4 hangar bays.

2 weapons fore
2 weapons aft.

5 engineering
5 science
2 tactical
5 device

+10 power to Aux.
+5 power to shields.


Cmdr Universal
Lt Cmdr. Science
Lt. Cmdr. Engineering
Lt. Cmdr. Universal
Lt. Tactical

No console. Carrier has built-in benefits:

Subsystem targeting
Sensor Analysis
Built in tractor beam 1
Built in Repulsor beam 1.
ok so i like the idea but this setup is OP.
First to balance out the 4 hangers i would put 2 fore 2 aft but make it so dual cannons and DBB are restricted from this ship. So you have single cannons beams and turrets plus torps.

i would say consoles limiting to 10 not 12 so.
3 engineer
4 sci
3 tactical

make this a KDF special by making it have same setup as a BoP almost
Universal Cmd
Universal LCmD
Universal LCmD
Universal LT

I agree no console but i would suggest a change of abilities.
target subsystems
Put on warp shock wave- a ship this size would cause a wave in the rear pushing targets back and the targets in front pulled towards. It would be logical
This ship would have 2 sets of carrier commands top and bottom so you can have 1 set on attack and 1 intercepting.