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01-18-2013, 12:37 AM
First off as a sci u are loosing the ability to target sub systems without a beam big loss but every little bit helps.

2ndly torpedos are ok ...mines are far superior IMO. better damage potential and splash damage from mines can be devastating. Our buddy tricobalt and the breen torp/mine are best examples.

I will assume you are going to full power to aux and the rest given to shileds/engines. Your slots using energy will be terrible.

My build is on the tholian carrier and I do 1 dual beam up front with 1 photon torp and 1 breen tor/mine on the rear i use 1 tricobalt mine 1 Photon mine and 1 tric torp

1 slow recharge mine coupled with a fast reloader maximizes their usage with Bo's as well as the Commander generic slot.

125aux and the rest to shields and I can tank like no other except my other Balboa build on my vesta.

having the 1 dual beam bank allows me to target ships sub sytems too
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