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Originally Posted by galensix View Post
Hello All
new STO player here. I recently got an Odyssey Oper cruiser and really have no idea what a good build out would be

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
This depends on precisely what you're trying to do.

However, the Odyssey Operations Cruiser is a super-tank. Hopefully you have an engineer captain, although it's not the end of the world if you don't. Note that I myself, preferring tacs, would have likely picked up the Operations Odyssey if I had to pick only one (I got the three-pack), and NOT the tactical, because of the saucer separation.

So, here's what I would advise...

* 6-7 beam arrays, 1-2 torps is probably ideal; as I understand it 7 beam arrays doesn't give you much more bang for your buck due to weapon power drain and 8 actually decreases for anything but the shortest of volleys. Weapons should all be of the same energy type.


* First off, unless you're going for dedicated support/tanking, stick the saucer separation console in either an engineering or a science slot. Unless you don't even want to separate, in which case this point is moot.

* All consoles that have leveling should be at Mk XI blue or above (or Mk XII green, or Mk X purple, which is equivalent). Remember however that the higher the mark number and rarity, the better, BUT don't think that you're getting anything different by having, say, a Mk XI blue and a Mk XII green - stats are exactly the same for most (maybe all) consoles. Don't pay a huge premium just for another useless Mk level when you can get a lower Mk level but better rarity, though always check the stats before you buy.

* Tactical should be two of the highest consoles you can get your hands on in terms of the energy type you're using. You should only be using one energy type, preferably beam arrays. There are ways to make cannon builds and use dual beam banks on an Ody, but if you're just beginning you probably won't be too thrilled with them.

* Neutronium armor. 2-3 in the engineering slots.

* If you're dying for maneuverability then you'll want to stick 1-2 RCS consoles in the engineering slots, but you're not going to get a whole lot out of them. That said, that's what the saucer sep is for, really.

* 2-3 Field Generators, possibly with 1 Emitter Array, in the science slots. The ONLY exception to this is if you're a science player and know what you're doing with those extra slots, in which case you can probably do some decent buffing for science skills with those. I'm not too sure on that, either, so YMMV.

* If, even with two energy type consoles, you feel that you need more firepower, consider the Borg console for its weapons boost. This will also give you a bit more tanking ability.


The old standby was to use MACO shield plus the rest of the four-piece Borg set. Although the set synergy is broken, this is IMO still an extremely effective setup (or without the console since it doesn't matter anymore). In other words, an effective setup is the MACO shield, Borg Deflector and Borg Engine.

They are however not the only game in town. The MACO set is generally considered best for tanking, the Omega set best for DPS. Personally I have little experience with the Omega set but found it to confer very little benefit to a cruiser over the MACO set. The MACO shield is worth its weight in gold itself, as it converts some of the incoming weapon fire into power bonuses.

If you do not want to use a set, or cannot yet obtain a set, then some general guidelines...

* Don't use a covariant shield. Covariants are best for science officers in science ships, and escorts - the former can make up for their horrid regeneration/repair, and the latter is (supposed to be) in and out so it can flee, repair and return in a fight, ergo the whole 'alpha strike' idea. For a cruiser with staying power, just don't. However, this only goes for standard covariant shields - covariants with sets are usually OK. The only mods you really care about with non-set shields are [Cap] (capacity) and [Reg] (regeneration), which are fairly obvious in their boosts.

* For impulse engines, it depends largely on what kind of engine power you're running at. As you have the Ops cruiser you have the only Odyssey that confers a benefit to the engine power (+5). Generally speaking combat impulse works for people with engine power below 50, hyper impulse is best for those with engine power above 50, and standard impulse is good for people who vary their power a lot or hover around 50 or so. However, I don't know that you'll notice THAT much of a difference. The Gravitic Modulated Impulse Engines may be of interest, and the Combat Hyper-Impulse Engines or Efficient Impulse Engines (which are not as great as they sound, as they work like Warp Core Efficiency - limits to how much bonus it will provide). In terms of mods, I always try to get my pre-set impulse engines with [Aux] [Spd] [Turn] or [Aux] [Full] [Turn], as this gives the "aux" bonus (engine failure still gives you 1/4th impulse power), Turn (slight bump to the turn rate - small but nice to have), Spd gives you a bit of a bonus in raw speed, and Full gives you a bit of a bonus in Full Impulse.

* Deflector, unless you're a science officer or use science skills, should probably be Positron, which straight-out enhances your endurance. The modifiers vary (and I don't bother to memorize them), but some may give some additional boosts to sensors and the like. A word of warning, however - the deflectors on the Exchange that have, say, three mods that all boost endurance (e.g. structural integrity) are going to be pretty darn expensive.

Accurate and Warp Theorist are especially nice to have with an Odyssey. If you don't have these it's not a huge deal, just a nice little plus.


I'm just going to give some general guidelines I use, and note that I try for a balanced build so I can use many types of ships, so YMMV. Also, don't respec on a whim - only go for this if you are very upset with how the stats turned out. A respec costs money and you may just have a learning curve. The Odyssey can be a tough ship to handle, and while it's hardly impossible, you're going to be spending a little bit learning how to move her bulk.

* I put a 6 in all Performance skills for subsystems. With the Odyssey there probably isn't much of a boost for using above 3 in Engine Performance.

* Warp Core Potential and Warp Core Efficiency would also benefit from a 6. IMO, just about every captain should have a 6 in both - not one more or less.

* Impulse thrusters can get some attention if you want better turn, but if you don't care about turn rate at all, you can probably leave this alone.

* Hull Reinforcements and Starship Armor should both get a 6 to help with tanking.

* Hull Repair, Shield Emitters, Shield System and Structural Integrity should ALL get 6-9. While there are diminishing returns on these, they're (RELATIVELY) cheap and help enhance the greatest strength of the Ody - that of incredible endurance.

* Starship Weapons Training should get a 9, pretty much always, unless you know what you're doing.

* Starship Energy Weapons at least a 6, because you're going to be relying on them.

* Starship Maneuverability and Starship Targeting should both get a 6 - defense bonuses DO work with the Odyssey, and better targeting is almost always helpful.

* Starship Threat Control is good if you intend on being a major tank. Note that the Beam Fire at Will BOff power has great synergy with this - I don't spec into Threat Control, but BFaW almost seems to be a 'draw agro at will' button in my experience.

HOWEVER - do NOT respec unless you are seriously unhappy with your build. You are new. You will, in time, learn what does and does not work, both in general and for you. Rushing out to respec when you have no idea of what to respec into will just waste time and money. If you have no idea what to spend skill points on, hold on to them until you know a little more. If you have already spent your skill points, note where your strengths and weaknesses are (do I want to hit harder, do I want to take damage harder...?), and if you choose to respec, act accordingly.

Depends greatly on your career and build. IMO however it's best to slot the Lt. Cmdr with your captain's specialty and work the Cmdr engineer slot and Ensign Universal slot to support it. Example: On my engineer I give myself my Assault Cruiser layout. On my tac, I put a tac in Lt. Cmdr (load it with attack patterns, fire at will, etc.). and an engineer in ensign, which lets me keep up a continuous rotation of several powers (EPtW1, EPtS2/3, TT1, A2SIF3)

However, I would strongly consider no matter your build that you consider using Aux to SIF 3 (on some BOffs) as your Engineering Cmdr power. Very helpful that one, provides continuous healing and resistance boosts. Also I would consider rotating Emergency Power to Shields and Tactical Team (keybind them). Note that you have to have two copies of EPtS and TT unless you have DOffs to cut down the cooldown (for TT, anyway, you can have only one copy with tactical team, purple Conn DOffs, there's something that helps with Emergency Powers, but as it's not a sure-fire thing I haven't tried it), but Aux to SIF 3 you can rotate with only one copy. Rotating provides continuous or 2/3rds uptime on many/most powers, e.g. those I've listed.

The gimmick that sold me on the Odyssey. This is, IMO, invaluable. However, keep in mind that you are not commanding a fast attack cruiser, but a space whale. While saucer sep makes the Ody into a lean, mean fighting machine (think a much better shielded Excelsior or Assault Cruiser here), the long cooldown once you re-merge assures that you must be comfortable handling it in its cruiser role. While it is a powerful ability, it has limits, and it does not change the fundamental role of the Odyssey as a heavy supercruiser/dreadnaught-type ship (sadly, without the phaser lance, unlike the Gal-X, but that's another story). The saucer itself is fairly useless, but it occasionally helps out and can manage to draw agro to itself, although I would not use it in the STF "Infected Space," because you can really screw up the optional with that.


This was way longer than I thought it would be. I hope this helped some, and please note these are MY OPINIONS ONLY. Some people will tell you I'm an idiot for even considering a tac and should have a cruiser that sits in the middle of the field with 100 aux and not even bother equipping weapons because I'm a source of healing only. But this is what works for me and is fun with me.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your ship.

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