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01-18-2013, 01:03 AM
It might just be me, but honestly I think that with all our universal slots and the like, the KDF faction has plenty variety of ship configuration- and to that end I'd really rather not see just one more battlecruiser variant or whatever.

Instead, it'd be really cool if Cryptic started giving us, the faction you actually have to be competent to play, more on-off unique designs.

The Vesta is a step in the right direction- a ship with a hangar, sci options, and can mount cannons.

We already have flight deck cruisers- so I'm hoping for more weird designs.

For example:

Broadside ships. Cruisers that mount heavy weapons with limited firing arcs to the left and right, rather than the fore and aft. Could also work as a 'cruiser's escort', being able to fire eight beam weapons fore or aft.

A ship that has a 'cloaked heavy torpedo'

Ships with only three shield facings.

Ships that can mount 'two' shields (or engines, or deflectors), but all numerical values are halved)

A ship with some sort of 'ramming' power that isn't tied to your ship being almost dead. Bonuses to hull resistance when ramming enemies.

A '3 hangar' carrier that has only a few weapons, science related powers, and whose fighters 'persist' upon death. Player interaction would persist until the last fighter is destroyed, moving from being centered on each squadron in sequence as the others are destroyed.

A ship with a 'cover shield' console that treats everything on the 'other side' from an enemy as cloaked. Deploy the umbrella and that borg cube can't see your big fleet buffing up until it attacks, breaking the effect.

A ship with an 'extra space doff' slot to allow six (one on the ship and five in your roster) doffs slotted.

A sort of 'super' garumba, which enters 'siege mode' and disables it's engines, turning into a sort of stationary fortress. Some sort of big defense boost to counteract the defense penalty from not moving, provide immunity to certain debuffs (or maybe just really high resist) and has fore and aft weapons gain a 360 targetting radius.