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01-18-2013, 02:08 AM
Additional note to my spam bomb above (which I separate into a second reply lest I blow up the text size limit) - tactical team, while a tac power, is good for both offense and defense due to extremely rapid, automatic shield-reallocation - much faster than a player can do. It also gives short-lived boosts to damage output. I would, however, not bother with any tactical team above 1, unless you have no choice but to put it in a higher slot (e.g. the Lt. Cmdr slot on an Excelsior-R).

Also note that the purple tactical team Conn DOffs (if you get these, make sure they're the right version, and not to, say, cut the cooldown for evasive maneuvers) also provide short-lived a booster to Starship Attack Patterns.