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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
wtf???????? lol dude i like you we talked on ts but dude you really need to learn this game.
I have leant the game I got my torpedo boat hitting for up to 50k a shot crit, up to 10k none crit and doing around 8k dps in STF's. Anyway I said with the upcoming leadership changes. Have you seen them?

You can have a ship with a massive 60k hitpoint pool. 60%+ hull resistance that is adaptive to incoming damage type, reduce incomeing damage by around 99% for 2 seconds every so often passive, passive boosted defense, heals 1000's of damage per second passively from leadership, passive hull heal from Rom consoles. On top of all that you have Aux2Sif heal DoT via Doffs not that I used them in testing.

My passive regen while quickly testing was something like 1k hull every second without boff heal skills and I was not maxed out and did not have the reputation hull heal.

My 2nd quick test had the passive heal rate and resistance boost so high I could go afk and come back alive against some NPC's without a shield fitted. (well I put my ship in reverse so shields did not regen at sub 25 shield power)

EDIT: I was on something like 300% passive hull heal with crew and 280% without crew. I need to test more but I stand by saying the set looks borderline OP with the new leadership changes.

EDIT2: Just doing more testing. To put it another way, you know how fast your hull heals outside combat? Well with leadership you can heal more than double if not triple as fast as that in combat. Mix that in with Aegis adaptive hull resistance.

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