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01-18-2013, 02:45 AM
Yesterday I opened a temporal lockbox and I got the Wells Temporal Vessel. Lucky me. I had bought keys with grinded dilithium and bought a ten pack with some spare Zen that I had no use for. I really wanted a nice science ship for my science officer, so I am very happy.

Here is a question. I have lots of temporal lockboxes and I am going to keep them and open them to have the Klingon ship, the Korath. I suppose I have to open the boxes with a Klingon character to get a Klingon ship. That means, while my fed already has some lobi chrystals, I will end up with a Klingon character also with an amount of lobi. That is a pity, if I could keep the lobi on one character, I can hit for the 800 and buy the mirror variant in the lobi store. (It would be nice to have these chrystals account bound. I have several characters with just a couple of chrystals with no purpose)

BTW. I suppose I have opened about 20 boxes, grinded 10 keys and bought one ten-pack. There is nice stuff in the boxes, got some fleet mark boosters, a couple of gamma quadrant doff packs, three doff missions to get a doff from the future or one that can go to the future, a purple mk XII pistol and a purple mk XII disruptor DHC.

The first generation of boxes were absolutely not rewarding, you got the ship or nothing. This is much better.

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