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01-18-2013, 02:39 AM
I fly the Recluse (Elite Scorps) on my Fed Eng and a Vo'Quv (Adv BoPs) on my KDF Sci and prefer the Recluse for the following reasons:

The difference in the turnrate may be marginal, but combined with the better Inertia value, the Recluse does handle better by a noticeable margin.
The strength of its shields makes it tough even with the bare minimum of defensive abilities.

You are right that the BOFF layout is awkward for a Sci heavy setup.The Recluse forces you to specialize, but that also means you are able to specialize. You can run APB3 and two copies of CRF for maximum uptime. Or you can run a ludicrous amount of healing with Eng Cmd and Sci + Eng lt.Cmd.

And remember: a carrier with two hangar bays is only undergunned if you equip the wrong ships.

Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
Well, one of the weaknesses of the VoQuv is that it only has 4 Bridge officers instead of 5. That's 1 less efficient officer (or veteran, or teamwork, or the new romulan space skills).
But that is directly compensated by having one Lieutenant instead of two Ensigns and thus one more powerful BOFF ability. Whether one trait is preferred to the Ens->Lt upgrade is anyones decision.