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01-18-2013, 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I would like to know wh you put counters in quotation marks?

You have to combine them, obviously. But fighters on intercept don't really have a cooldown, so that will usually work, especially when you have more than one hangar on your team per enemy mine launcher.
That's a valid point.
I think that's where the problem's solution could lie: By increasing opportunity cost to use them, or decreasing the benefit, they will be made balanced easily. For example, slightly increasing the cooldown.
All that "counters" can't be used in a normal escort except TS.I am flying a raptor ,all I can use is torpedo spread now.Too bad that TS has common cd with THY wich I also use regulary.
Anyway it is not a problem I can use some p2w consoles against a mine laying ship.
I just figured out now , actually i think it will be interesting such a fight.