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01-18-2013, 02:44 AM
BoPs are easiset ships to kil. At least since Cryptic changed energy drain from cannons and boosted healing turning escorts in destroyers.

It is fast and have battlecloak, yes. But it is also so weak that it will blow if you look at it the right way. So if you got blasted by him, it was because he was better player, your ship setup was not up the task for FvK or both.

If he was better player - learn, play FvK or gank Klinks in Ker'rat for start and then return to blow his derri?re. If it was your setup - check it, ask question, modify it and return to win with him. If both - do both and play FvK.

Try hull attacking weapons. Got a lot of plasma torps and mines for DoT (escorts rarely carry double HE to keep it in check). Or use transphasic weapons. Use drain setup to deny him his aux and eng powers and with it - cloak and speed. Use you natural resists as sci and healing to keep the incoming damage in check. SNB him to reduce his buffs (speed/resistance/damage) and allow your teammates to kill him.

All in all - sci vs BoP should end in only one way: BoPs head on golden plate. If it does not then there is something seriously wrong with sci.

Also - factor in the team your were playing with. Coordination works wonders and if your team cannot coordinate, while the enemies show even a sliver of coordination - you will loose no matter how good you are.

And at the end - if the arenas I played at cmdr and also the Ker'rat encounters are any indication of Klink condition: FvK will get a LOT easier in time. New Klinks I met (new = low level) simply suck. Even relatively uncoordinated Fed team was winning 15:0 in most of those games.


My 2c on FvK - I left it looong time ago due to spam ammounts. And it was in time when Warhammer ships were the main if not only carriers in game. Currently with the carriers/carrier hybrids available for both factions there is no reason to stay with FvF only. The spam must flow, sadly.