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01-18-2013, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Zero might not respond to every thread, but she is reading all the threads in the 3 Foundry forums daily. QA also reads the Foundry Bugs sub-forums, investigates the issues and gets them into the queue to be fixed.

These forums are the best place to submit feedback, bugs, etc. The call I held was to discuss the spotlight on the Foundry, not to collect feedback or suggestions for the toolset. Also, a concise and constructive post will always be better than me passing along a summary from a conference call.


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Well, that's definitely good news, if it's true. It's also quite different from the sense I was given by previous interviews, etc. But I'm certainly not complaining if my previous understanding was incorrect.

Maybe you can answer this question: Am I allowed to discuss features of the NW Foundry in the context of how they would be a benefit if brought over to the STO Foundry? Before I could speculate, but now having seen them firsthand, I'm not sure I'm allowed? I'm not really planning on "giving anything away", just stating that various features would be helpful in STO.

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